Roar X

New Modular Technology: With its modular design and a removable battery, the Roar X is the revolutionary easier alternative to counter careless disposable vaping culture. In providing ultimate user control over battery reuse, responsible disposal of electronic waste, and separation of recyclable materials – the new e-cigarette asset class will significantly reduce battery waste and plastic going to landfill.

Responsible Materials: Crafted with cardboard and food-grade silicone, the Roar X is our eco-conscious answer to safer alternatives for health-conscious people.

Innovative Circle-Centric Node Battery: A unique 400mAh battery with positive and negative contacts on the same side eliminates the need for connector wires, facilitates reuse and ease of recharging.

Each product in the Roar X range is powered by our best-in-class British made e-liquid. We’ve optimised every flavour in the Roar X line to give you the best flavours and highest quality experience possible in smoking cessation.

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