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ROARLABS is a scientific lifestyle services company providing community-centred dependence treatment pathways for a life that lasts. We combine innovative technology with environmental consciousness to create inclusive solutions for the whole community. More than a brand. We are a collective. Every safer alternative we create for our community is designed to solve lifestyle and environmental concerns to make lifestyle improvement pathways free from social stigma and environmental harm.

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Our Mission is to empower health-conscious people to have a safe and socially entertaining lifestyle, free from stigma and environmental harm.

Our Vision is a world where personal lifestyle choices are made for a life that lasts.

Our Mission & Vision


Unlike other devices on the market the ROAR X can safely remove the battery for ease of electronic waste disposal from the cardboard pod casing. ROARLABS is the first scientific lifestyle services provider to measure the carbon footprint of each device. Each device produces 0.23kg of CO2 when shipped by sea – equivalent to driving 0.8 miles in an average UK petrol car. Meanwhile the whole life carbon footprint of a cigarette stick is argued to be 14g, equating to 280g per 20 pack.

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